The Tiger-Rock Difference

The Tiger-Rock Experience

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Atascocita offers an incredible training experience for on-the-go adult martial artists

  • Spacious training area for your comfort
  • Small training classes where you can learn with confidence
  • Experienced instructors ready to help you achieve your goals
  • Evening weekday classes and morning Saturday classes for your convenience
  • A robust competition calendar
  • Numerous opportunities to advance in rank and develop new skills
  • One-on-one training sessions available

No long-term contracts, period

The Tiger-Rock Adult Martial Arts Program is a no-long term contract training program. If Tiger-Rock Martial Arts is right for you, that’s great—train here as long as you want! If Tiger-Rock isn’t right for you, that’s okay! Just give us a 60 day heads up if you would like to go in a different direction.

  • Tiger-Rock is a membership-first academy. We want you to train at our school with confidence, convenience, and comfort.
  • We encourage you to train at your own pace. Remember, this is about your goals and developing your skills.

What people say about Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Atascocita

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    Sarah Cortez

    Signed my son up for classes because he has so much energy & needed a way to expend that energy. … More He loves going to class here, looks forward to learning more, loves his instructors & in the 2 months he's been going here, has become more disciplined & more focused. The instructors are always readily available & easy to reach.
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    Jackie Wick Bennett

    My children have been attending Tiger Rock for the past 9 years. The instructors there are amazing! It … More has been incredible to watch my children’s development as martial artists. The instructors don’t just concentrate on if they are doing a skill correctly, but on the child as a whole. We love Tiger Rock!
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    Kisha Johnson

    My son joined Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of .Atascocita about a year ago. I will say the transformation … More that I have seen in over a year is incredible. He walked in timid, not talkative and not participating in any events. A year later he competed at the Nationals and came home with two Gold metals and a silver.
    I can not say enough about the instructors. He started in the Cub Program and now he is a Junior Greenbelt. Tiger Rock has instilled confidence, self discipline and learning martial arts in my son. I thank them everyday for this program. He loves it and doesn't want to miss a class.