The Tiger-Rock Difference

At Tiger-Rock, we teach your child essential life skills

Our Atascocita academy will teach your child:

  • Vital self-defense techniques, tools that will give them a layer of security and confidence
  • Critical thinking skills that will help them act decisively when facing danger.
  • Social skills that include effective anti-bullying tactics and resistance to peer pressure
  • How to utilize their energy in constructive ways
  • How to make the right decisions in various situations

Martial arts offers incredible physical fitness benefits for your child

Taekwondo training has been proven to help children:

  • Stay active with action-packed classes multiple times per week
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Improve their physical keenness and athletic ability
  • Build strength and dexterity through development of their martial arts skills
  • Improve their stamina and endurance with conditioning and exercise
  • Enhance their cardio fitness

Tiger-Rock Martial Arts helps your child build confidence in themselves

Confidence can go a long way, including having a positive impact on your child’s mental health

  • Self-discipline—controlling their own emotions and overcoming their own weaknesses to make the right decisions for themselves
  • Self-control—understanding how to react when encountering situations that may cause them to feel pressure
  • Self-defense—the ability to protect themselves from bullies and strangers with evasion and de-escalation skills
  • Martial arts training can help a child develop a positive self-concept and boost their self-esteem: both of which will lead to increased confidence

What people say about Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Atascocita

  • Avatar

    Sarah Cortez

    Signed my son up for classes because he has so much energy & needed a way to expend that energy. … More He loves going to class here, looks forward to learning more, loves his instructors & in the 2 months he's been going here, has become more disciplined & more focused. The instructors are always readily available & easy to reach.
  • Avatar

    Jackie Wick Bennett

    My children have been attending Tiger Rock for the past 9 years. The instructors there are amazing! It … More has been incredible to watch my children’s development as martial artists. The instructors don’t just concentrate on if they are doing a skill correctly, but on the child as a whole. We love Tiger Rock!
  • Avatar

    Kisha Johnson

    My son joined Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of .Atascocita about a year ago. I will say the transformation … More that I have seen in over a year is incredible. He walked in timid, not talkative and not participating in any events. A year later he competed at the Nationals and came home with two Gold metals and a silver.
    I can not say enough about the instructors. He started in the Cub Program and now he is a Junior Greenbelt. Tiger Rock has instilled confidence, self discipline and learning martial arts in my son. I thank them everyday for this program. He loves it and doesn't want to miss a class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of martial arts do you teach at Tiger-Rock?

Our martial arts system is based on various Korean martial arts traditions, specifically taekwondo. Taekwondo is the most popular form of martial arts in the United States. It is a martial art and self-defense system that focuses on kicks and strikes.

How often should my child attend class?

We recommend that your child attends martial arts classes at least two times a week.

When do you schedule martial arts classes for kids?

We have kids martial arts classes six days a week: on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

Is martial arts safe for my child?

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Atascocita, we strive to provide a safe-training environment for students of all ages. Our curriculum has been refined to be as safe as possible, while still being effective. Martial arts is safer than most athletic activities.

How do I enroll my child into Tiger-Rock Martial Arts?

First things first: contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our academy. You will meet the instructor team and check out our spacious academy. We’re located on Timber Forest Dr, just a few feet north of FM 1960 East in Atascocita.